Competitor's Site is a 404 - how to maximize?

Hi, so my competitor's site went offline and is currently a 404. I have submitted the URL to Google for a crawl, and clicked on the result, had it not load, and bounced back to the results a few times.

I'm trying to make sure Google realizes the site is gone.

Ideally their site tanks* and gets off the first page, but I want to make sure I'm doing everything possible to get the info to Google that the site is offline.

*It's not a business website, so they aren't losing money, but I'd like to see them off the first page.

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JonasPolskyAMA 2 years ago

Good idea, but it's not. I already tried to poach it in December.

theeastcoastwest 2 years ago

Make sure to see off it's near expiration too. Picking up the domain and returning it into a feeder site could be a good boost, if you're into that sort of thing

JonasPolskyAMA 2 years ago

huh? + wha?

JonasPolskyAMA 2 years ago

Great idea

Azphelumbruh 2 years ago

If applicable find other websites that link to them, get in contact telling them the link is broken and suggesting your own version of the resource.

K3VINbo_Work 2 years ago

Bullocks, why not do everything possible to get yourself on top?

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