Citation Services - Advicelocal vs. Moz Local vs. BrightLocal vs. Yext vs. Whitespark vs. Synup

What in your opinion makes the ebst citation service, well, "the best". I am interested in looking at alternatives to our current tool and I know Moz Local is the industry go to... but when reading actual SEO Professionals who do the reviews of some, Moz Local usually takes a while to update all of their listings. I need a tool that will allow me to update a listing across many platforms with minimal manual entry. I would prefer it on a "all you can eat" pricing model annually or a per site basis so I can try to figure out total cost. I would love to hear from other marketing / advertising professionals on what you guys use and why you believe in that tool!

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io-error 2 years ago

can you tell me why to stay away from yext? I am currently in process of being quoted by them and would love to find out this prior to signing. I would like to know what you mean and why you say stay away! I have not checked out sweetiq yet but would also want to hear why you believe their service is superior.

JohnCarcutt 2 years ago

Stay away from Yext at all costs. The way they hold clients Hostage is not at all acceptable. MOZ Local is slow for sure, Whitespark has their moments, as do most of the rest. Have you ever tried SweetIQ? I used these guys for a long time and their platform and service was top notch. Not sure if that has changed since they were acquired by ReachLocal, but I'd say give them a shot.

RaskallyRabbit 2 years ago

Like SEOPub said, Yext is my go-to as well. I like the ability to be able to edit every citation, detect duplicates, and correct inconsistencies with existing citations through their dashboard (makes things easier when a client changed their phone number/has had shitty citations done before). You can also get them for $500/year last i checked. I use their agency plan now but when i was starting out i'd just charge clients a monthly recurring + one-time $500 fee and get it sorted. I've used bright local and whitespark before as well, but mainly for smaller less important personal projects.

io-error 2 years ago

So I currently use whitespark and am not a fan of it. Yext seems good but that removal feature is kind of rough. Do you think it is still worth it? You said you use it on all your sites. So I figured I would ask, if you were starting over, would you go with that tool still given the dependencies on renewal for being listed?

SEOPub 2 years ago

Moz Local is pretty awful. They are cheap, but you get what you pay for. Yext is the best and worst one. Yext is great in that it will get you into every major local directory you need to be in. when you stop paying, they claim they revert any changes you made through their service back to the way they were. That pisses me off. Yext also pisses me off because they have made exclusive deals with some directories so that the only way you can get into them is through Yext. Smart business on their part. Still pisses me off. I use them regularly though on all my local SEO projects. BrightLocal and Whitespark are okay, but they toss you into a lot of really low quality, trashy directories. I have no experience with Synup.

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