Citation Quantity vs Real Links

Hi Everyone, I've got a question about citations. My website is in a niche where there are 3 main competitors - ourselves and two other sites.

We have around 300 citation links and around 50 high quality links within our niche from people like bloggers, editorial links within news sites etc.

The other two competitors have 900 and 2000 citations each, but nothing else. None of the high quality links we have worked hard over the past year to get.

We're generally ranking lower than the other two sites. Should we focus on getting more citations to "catch up"? Until now we haven't because we've been worried a lot of the citations our other competitors are on look spammy, but it seems whatever we do we can't beat them. On the face of it though, we are a better company with a better site and we've got more/better real links, so I'm starting to wonder if citations are holding us back.

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evidencebasedguy 2 years ago

Good question. I don't have an answer for you, but I have something similar going on in my local niche industry. My top competitors have anywhere from 200-500 citations with many appearing spammy. I have around 140 citation links and 10 high quality links. My competitors are outranking me.

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