Career tips for SEO newbie?

I’m a semi recent college grad that has worked for about a year in digital marketing and just landed an entry level SEO coordinator job, a lot of on the job learning and training. Was hoping I could get advice on what I should focus on learning to keep myself competitive as the industry evolves. What should I be learning and looking into? What questions should I be asking?

Also: do a lot of SEO professionals ever make the jump into content strategy or UX? I have strong interest in both!

Any other insights or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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bsrulz 2 years ago

Here are few things that you should avoid for a good career: Avoid EASY to rank techniques [internet is full of them]. These techniques will suck your time and result would be nada Don't just read random blogs INSTEAD identify the writing of good influencers and follow them [it turns most of the influencers share the same thing BUT in a different way, so sticking to few people over a long term pays off] Don't be Impatient - SEO takes time and hence will test your patience. Earlier, people were able to rank their website in few months - now it can take a year. Hope this helps.

sidlin 2 years ago

I totally agree with this. I was doing some projects for a couple of my own clients/friends and didn't need a lot of reporting for them. I started at a company as the Director of Marketing. They own 7 different business and the work to keep them all organized and on track was almost overwhelming. I had to create custom reports because no one had ever did for the company(my job was created and I was the first to ever be hired for it in 30 years). I thought I knew excel but DAMN, now I really do.

CadmusMaximus 2 years ago

No one's mentioned backlinks yet? I think learning how to do backlink outreach successfully is one of the most valuable skills an SEO can have. For this kind of thing, I'd highly recommend Brian Dean over at Backlinko--he has great free resources and his SEO That Works course, while expensive ($3000+) was great. Keep investing in yourself and stay up on the latest info, and provide real results to your employer/clients--that's the surest way to progress. Good luck!

torourke65 2 years ago

My biggest hurdle when I first started an SEO position was navigating how much reporting needs to be done. This will depend on the employer, but at least 1/3rd of my day is spent reporting on things I didn't think, and still don't think, needed to be included in a daily report. So my best advice is to find out exactly what is expected of you ahead of time and then figure out what your exact hurdles will be. If you job was like mine, you'll need to become reasonably competent at excel in a hurry.

halabamanana 2 years ago

Agree. I would also add that you can succeed in content strategy if you'll find good topics to get more SEO traffic and compose good technical requirements for writers for such articles. If your boss will see you are good at it, you may be the first person to consider to obtain content strategiest job position.

RHEmarketing 2 years ago

Learn how to build websites incorporating SEO tactics from the start. 1 Website Speed 2 Clean Code (tagged and title correctly for each element is huge) 3 Limited Javascript (you only want a handful) You can go with a custom WordPress theme (stay away from pre-built themes), I prefer a static HTML site, with php to get the functions you want.

maaseyracer 2 years ago

Learn graphic design strategies. Chances are if you are in SEO you know how to code, or have a grasp of some basic coding. The hole the most SEOs leave is design especially as it relates to UI/UX. We hire a lot of designers and convert them into SEOs because of their understand of UI/UX, we then train them in analytics. In our world SEO, is where designers, developers, and business analytics collide.

_Toomuchawesome 2 years ago

Congrats! You have so much to learn. Yes, SEO people do sometimes go into the content strategy and UX. CRO & Content go very hand-in-hand with SEO but can also be very specialized in itself. First, you should learn how to markup html & css. Then learn on-page SEO and off-page SEO. As you learn these things, your technical knowledge will naturally also increase. This will make your transition to learning technical SEO much easier. While all of this is happening, make sure that you're correlating marketing efforts with your SEO strategy.

thesupermikey 2 years ago

Get real good at excel and business stats and data analysis. All that other stuff is rooted in your ability to gather and analyze the results of any work you do.

martinhmns 2 years ago

Congrats on the new job! Sounds like an exciting position. In my opinion, the best thing to do in SEO once you've mastered the basics is to specialize in one area that really holds your interest. In your case, UX would be a good fit with technical SEO (e.g. site speed, navigational structures, semantics, accessibility) and frontend development (gain a good grasp of what is realistically possible in UX). Content strategy is also a very interesting area to specialize in if coordination is more your thing. For that, I'd definitely dive a bit more into project management, as you'll likely work with many external parties. Hope that helps a bit. Good luck!

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