Canary Wharf alternatives for "modern living"?

Hi all,

My wife and I currently live in Angel, we are looking to move into a more of a high-rise apartment tower/building. Living in a 100+ year-old Maisonette has been great, but it also comes with issues we don't want to deal with. We like things like having a concierge, or security staff for the building, or maybe even a pool/gym.

It seems there is plenty of such places in Canary Wharf, what other parts of London should we consider for those types of modern buildings? Ideally, they should have been built in the past 10 years.

Budget is between 2k and 2,750 per month, 2-bed.

Thank you.

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sionnach 7 months ago

There's a bunch of places half way down City Road - close to you.

largelylegit 7 months ago

Each to their own I guess. Im fortunate to have travelled the world and lived in numerous countries, so am pretty confident of what I like/dislike at this stage.

jaylem 7 months ago

I always wondered who wanted to live in those kinds of places. I'd take the 100 year old maisonette in Islington all day long, but life is a rich tapestry and I wish you the very best of luck with your mistake choice

anonypanda 7 months ago

Limehouse, Battersea or maybe royal docks if you don't mind further east. But others have pointed out there aren't really many/any "new only" areas in London. Look for a new building in whatever area you want to live in.

Happy_Craft14 7 months ago

Canning Town is ugggghhhhhh bleak at its best, However London City Island does look nice doe

Happy_Craft14 7 months ago

Canning Town is ugggghhhhhh bleak at its best, However London City Island does look nice doe

Happy_Craft14 7 months ago

What about East Village

justcraigldn 7 months ago

They need more regular buses for Marine Wharf. The 199 is a joke

dank4000 7 months ago

There's been lots of comments here about nine elms... You can walk direct to vauxhall for the Victoria line and it's near the river which is nice. There's lots of new flats but not enough rental demand so you could end up with a really nice place for less money. I find Stratford has a big of a North American feel so def check out. Really good transport too and only going to get better with crossrail.

Professional_Bob 7 months ago

North Greenwich has the Charlton retail park just down the road as well.

Smeee333 7 months ago

Nine Elms in Battersea is full of this kind of stuff.

Londonrunner1 7 months ago

Canada water. Marine wharf/Greenland place .

OniExpress 7 months ago

Canning Town isn't great, but they do have that new "island" location that certainly looked interested for modern contained living.

largelylegit 7 months ago

Great point. My wife works in Marlybone/Mayfair area, so would want to get to either Oxford Circus or Bond St without having to take multiple trains or underground trips... (though one bus and one tube is ok) Being able to walk to a supermarket and some interesting food options is a big plus... it's also important we feel safe in the area. We are not interested in pubs/clubs (we are far too boring) lol.

NEWSBOT3 7 months ago

it's not really that area specific, there are plenty of areas of London that have modern or refurbished buildings next to the old ones. You might also want to mention a commute time or something else to narrow it down. off the top of my head - stratford has a ton of east village type things, croydon even has some and has good transport links to the city, there are some towards battersea but they might be outside the price limit, and towards isle of dogs side of canary wharf there's loads as well. But also I know of some in Greenwich, lewisham, they really are all over.

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