Can you recover a website from a history of bad links?

I recently bought a website from a friend which used to get lots of traffic a couple years ago, but he’s not updated it in a long time. The website also has hundreds of spammy links, so I think it’s been punished by Google. Is it possible to fully recover the website’s rank?. By spammy website, I’m only talking about it’s backlinks. Thanks

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ExpertBradSEO 2 years ago

Wonder if it was my former client, I directed him to a lot of Muellers tweets and videos recently. And told him to hit up a hangout.

Mike_Enders 2 years ago

The answers you have received are not accurate to your situation. No one can tell a site has been penalized by Google without even seeing the domain. Thats impossible. In addition you stated "hundreds of spammy links" not thousands so the answer most likely is YES you probably can recover the website. Its sites with thousands (even tens of thousands) of spam links that have the issue. You will have to get a great deal of solid links to recover but its far from impossible or unlikely. Before anyone here or anywhere can tell you to move on to another site we would have to know if its indexed, where does it rank for keywords you are targeting? does it rank for anything at all? What kinds ofl inks are they (you can get hundreds of links form one site and a webmaster may remove them for you) ? Those are minimum considerations and for a site that has just a few hundred spam links I'd put do some good links to it and see if it starts climbing to be double sure. But absolutely do not give up on a site just because you think it might be penalized. I've seen tons of sites go on to rank that the owners thought was penalized. The number one reason people don't rank on sites tht htey have not updated in years is the algo has changed (or they have lost legit links over time) and they need to adjust for those changes.

rockinimelini 2 years ago

Nope, I think Google even confirmed that if you had been hit with penalty for bad baclinks/spam it wont be removed. Someone ask John Muller from Google and he confirmed that, try looking for it on seo round table.

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