Can you really make money using Facebook Ads?

I've had a try with Facebook ads but It just does not work for me.. What strategy do you guys use? Would love some advice and tips

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Fightonomics 2 years ago

Did you use audience insights or just test targetting audiences?

poetmars777 2 years ago

If you are using Facebook ads to promote or sell something, you need to learn about a few tricks before launching any campaign. This is where alleged (or bona fide) Facebook ads specialists come into play. But if you are to do everything on your own, don't create an ad and send it out blindly. Analyze various important factors - targeting, placement, objective, creatives (images, videos, text content) to use and more. AdEspresso is a good place to start learning but so are sites/pages like this.

Ibzywibzy 2 years ago

I'm looking to purchase a course for some guidelines and help.. Any of you guys heard of this course Facebook Ads Essential.. There is a review about this on http://facebookadsmadeeasy.co.uk/2017/12/01/my-facebook-ads-essential-review-heres-what-i-really-think/ I don't know if it is worth buying it or not? Would love your advice and suggestions!

30yearsajew 2 years ago

I think FB is "the emperors clothing" in a way - ppl like to talk about success, but not that many have actually had it

862493175 2 years ago

What niche?

Tarrn 2 years ago

That really depends on your branche as well tbh. If you have an "older" target group like we have you have, even with retargeting on Facebook next to no sales. If you have fashion, music or lifestyle products facebook ads are worth it way more.

everyone_wins 2 years ago

Runninpg a profitable ad campaign is not easy. Facebook is one of the best sources of traffic out there along with adwords. If you can't make it work with Facebook, you definitely won't make it work with any other source of traffic, except maybe adwords. It could be that whatever you are advertising is best advertised on adwords. But probably you are just an unskilled marketer and you need to learn more. Read 80/20 sales and marketing by perry Marshall for a good start.

cdankele 2 years ago

Yea you need an alignment of product, target, and messaging. I threw an ad together for a buddy whos been hesitant. He spent $814 on a single ad. Made 102 sales for just under $5,000. I spent almost no time on the as itself. Didnt even split test it or engagement hack it. Just spent a solid hour digging into the targeting.

acerldd 2 years ago

The most important step is what you are doing with the traffic it generates. Your funnel needs to actually convert well. Most peoples doesnt because their product and offer are terrible.

TTFV 2 years ago

Absolutely, but it depends on so many factors there is no yes/no answer for your particular business without an in-depth analysis.

sandrienn 2 years ago

If people weren't making money on it, it probably wouldn't be as big as it is. Currently seeing 6-7X ROA on our Facebook Ads. Just a matter of testing and being patient (not afraid to lose a bit of money up front)

sevenradicals 2 years ago

care to elaborate on what was your attempt exactly?

jmaryne 2 years ago

Yeah - with any platform you just need to be strict with yourself and constantly test. Definitely look into best practices and spend as little as possible initially. Also - any form of advertising only works if there's real value in the service/product you're trying to sell.

skelton 2 years ago

Either some people profit from it, or billions are being spent by idiots. In my experience (AdWords but essentially the same), 50% of advertisers are losing money but they don't realise it because they don't track things properly or don't interpret the results. Wait a sec, are you talking about making easy money on FB? That might be hard.

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