Can you pass link juice with a 301 to a new domain?

ke to pass you're link juice from an old domain to a new one, can you do that with a 301 redirect?

I've used 301's before on the same site but never tried it from an old to a new domain.

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josephwesley 2 years ago

Good to know, thanks!

josephwesley 2 years ago


josephwesley 2 years ago

That's all?

josephwesley 2 years ago

Makes sense, I think it's worth the risk in this case so long as not everything is lost.

josephwesley 2 years ago

A client purchased a site and wants to put the blog content on their blog instead of leaving it on the purchased site.

josephwesley 2 years ago

Good to know, thanks.

josephwesley 2 years ago


josephwesley 2 years ago

Great, thanks.

SEOPub 2 years ago

That is nonsense. I hate when I see people say you will lose X% of the link juice. Really? How exactly did you go about measuring that to test it? I would love to hear someone explain that test.

d_random 2 years ago

Yes it works and is a hellva lot easier than setting up a PBN.

SajjEO 2 years ago

According to the Google Webmaster Blog, it doesn't matter if you use 301 or 302 or any kind of 3.x.x it will pass the linke juice to the other website that points to! But according to that specific post, if you have concern about it, you can just use of 301 and be happy of it!

RealityShowAddict 2 years ago

Yes it passes, but you're going to lose some of the authority.

gmkdigital 2 years ago

It's thought to be around 90%. Regardless of whether it's 100% or 80% etc. what's your objective here? Have you migrated your website to a new domain? You need to 301 redirect to the new domain then.

JonasPolskyAMA 2 years ago

Juicy Juice is 100% juice.

steffanlv 2 years ago

Please provide proof for your claim of 50%. From my years of experience that's complete bull.

steffanlv 2 years ago

Please provide proof. It's completely within the realm of possibility to migrate over to a new domain and retain 10% of back links. This is done virtually every day. Countless companies rebrand, migrate to different platform technologies, etc. Now, it's easier to migrate links over if the end site has similar naming convention. Sites that just dump all back links to a landing or home page are probably not going to be getting every back link they had but it's completely wrong to say a company couldn't retain 100% of their back links.

smarterseo12 2 years ago

301 redirection does pass link juice although you need to remember that some significant % of link juice might be lost depending on the content of the old and new domain (how related they are).

Humanovation 2 years ago

Yes ... 50% link juice

GCP123 2 years ago

No. You're screwed.

mighty_k_marketing 2 years ago

Yep but it wont be 100%

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