Can anyone tell me about the Bots that drive traffic to the website!

I mean, I know it is some kind of Black Hat SEO, but if it can drive real users, by new IP on each connection?

It absolutely can be seen on the GA, that users are in the website.

There is dozens of websites that offer such these tools, is that really true and is there any penalty from the Google?

Does google find out that it is the bot or something?

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SajjEO 2 years ago

So which traffic generator you are pointing to? Cause there is not any link to it

sanan_ansari 2 years ago

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SajjEO 2 years ago

It will improve the alexa rank! Even you can add your goal keywords ao that usera can reach your site by organic search!

JasonAtSBWP 2 years ago

There's no point to buying traffic like that. Either they're bots which will inflate your traffic figures, but do nothing to actually grow a real user base. If they're not bots, your site is opened as a pop-under (which Google frowns upon, IIRC) and they're not likely to even be targeted users; again your user base doesn't grow. Targeted users aren't reached in either case.

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