Building backlinks organically?

There’s definitely a lot of people out there who say that you should focus on creating great content on your website and as a result people will naturally link to you. I’d like to give it a try.

How would you recommend going about this? I have been creating some great stuff on my site, but because my site is new I have zero online presence and thus no visitors. How do I put my content in front of those who could potentially link to it?

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FarrisFahad 2 years ago

I agree with you regarding small and big websites. Small sites are usually not responsive and if they respond they ask for money. Where as established website appreciate great content.

grharry 2 years ago

Without promoting your content no one will see it. Finding relevant groups on Reddit, Facebook and other communities could be a good start.

EliasArosemena 2 years ago

The cold hard truth is no one cares about your content and services, so they wont link to them. Editors smell SEO links from a mile away and will either nix them right out or just not publish them. Promotion is a key tactic to getting the initial links that you need to rank. To get started promoting your new content, share it on social media and tag prominent people in the post in your niche who might be interested in it. You can submit your content to relevant sites as part of a promotion strategy, including: Growth Hackers (Marketing) Hacker News (Tech) Slashdot (Tech) Quora (General) Reddit (General) HubPages (General) Blog Engage (General) There are more submission sites out there, and some are relevant only to specific industries. Submit where it makes sense for yours!

TallHobbit1196 2 years ago

In an EU situation where we can only send unsolicited emails to company emails (I.E. info@company.com but not person@company.com are there other viable alternatives?

t10away123 2 years ago

If your business has any relations to charities. Ask if they would like to feature a post youve written in exchange for a small donation. Ask your customers (if B2B) to feature a link on their website in return for an Amazon Voucher. Write the post for them and send that along with your offer of the voucher. Smaller blogs and websites which relate to your business. On every link you get, promote it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Google will pick it up faster.

neosearchlogixdotcom 2 years ago

You can share that content on some social sites and possible run social media campaign if you think that people will live to read. Buy some influencer tools like buzzsumo and contact those influencers who share content like yours. Search websites and ask them to review your content ad if they like then they may link your site in their upcoming blog posts. They may charge you :)

itsinfo 2 years ago

Google + profile about section is 1, linked in profile 2, local directories for your services, write a guest blog for a local influencer website, youtube channel, forum discussion, review sites.

Bannedaid 2 years ago

Yes it is this simple in theory. It takes time in practice. Do this, well, consistently and be as committed to the success of those you reach out to as you are your own and you'll find your stride eventually.

Actual__Wizard 2 years ago

I find asking for "mentions" works. But it has there has to be a compelling reason and the content has to provide value. Oh and, if you know what the bear email is, I personally like that approach. :) The very first time I saw it, I immediately swiped it :)

nvandermost 2 years ago

If you believe that you have great content then you should spend 80% of your time promoting your great content. As already suggested, find influencers that have a big following and share it with them. Try and find online communities that would find value in the content and spread the word.

RyanFromCentralSEO 2 years ago

You'll typically find that smaller bloggers will ask for something (freebie or payment) as it's their livelihood. But, bigger more authoritative sites will be less inclined to ask for money if the content is worth it. I'd focus on content that has a PR hook. Anything data driven usually does well with news publications.

doquanghung212 2 years ago

I don't think they will share it without taking anything from you.

Broomerang13 2 years ago

Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog Commenting. So many places that you can share your content to get traffic and people to share your stuff around.

ryemck93 2 years ago

Custom images are great, people can find them on Google Images, use them in their post and give you credit!

Bhardwajs15 2 years ago

if your content is great the shoot a mail to website owner to link back through your website. go for some link exchange(but check metric before) share on social media platform.

Squeagley 2 years ago

This is where SEO meets the world of PR and outreach. Find influencers on medium/social media/bloggers who are in your area. Reach out to them and begin forming relationships. When you have a piece of content that you'd be proud to present to them, do so! Don't ask for a link, ask them to read it over since you value their opinion. If they love it, they will share it.

Benjaminsen 2 years ago

If the content is great, sit down and brainstorm who might want to link it, then make a list and send off emails.

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