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I used to live in an area that had a ton of breweries so obviously a company opened that bought a bus and did a tour of local breweries, they became very successful. So now I moved again to a seasonal beach area that has a huge growth in small craft breweries. So obviously I am seeing the potential to do what others did in my old city and do the same here. Any advice on how to start this or other advice or anyone that tried to do this before and the do’s and don’t’s? Where I live there are probably 7 Breweries and Wineries, the city I lived in before had atleast 20 so it smaller scale but can it still work?? Any advice appreciated, obviously thinking of buying a bus and doing tours of breweries. Advice appreciated !

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SnarkySparkyIBEW332 1 year ago

Talk to the owner of the first place. Lunch or coffee will go a long way.

Ash_Waddams 1 year ago

I work at a very popular beer bar in Portland, Or, and can't stress this part enough. Your first step should be making sure your potential destinations are excited about the idea and know what they're in for.

Lost1771 1 year ago

Make sure the breweries and wineries you want to go to allow busses or large groups. I live in a beach area and many turn them away.

lunary_ 1 year ago

Intriguing idea and good luck to you! I just wanted to say, maybe consider a speakeasy type of theme.

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