Bitcoin Core 0.16: Cannot sign/verify message with SegWit addresses?

I have just updated to Bitcoin Core 0.16. It seems that sign/verify message feature is still not available with SegWit addresses? Tried both 3-starting P2SH-P2WPKH address and bc1-starting bech32 native SegWit address, the GUI just gave me an error message like "Corresponding pub/priv key pair not found".

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BTCMONSTER 2 years ago

My friends had same issues since the updates, quite inconvenient hah

FlowerEmperor 2 years ago

How is this reasonable, 6 months after SegWit went live?

undeadd 2 years ago

https://bitcoin.org/en/release/v0.16.0 "Note that some RPCs do not yet support segwit addresses. Notably, signmessage/verifymessage doesnt support segwit addresses, nor does importmulti at this time. Support for segwit in those RPCs will continue to be added in future versions."

KiFastCallEntry 2 years ago

Hmm...Electrum has implemented this feature, but they found that their implementation is not compatible with other wallet: https://github.com/spesmilo/electrum/issues/3861

factualisimus 2 years ago


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