best ways to check a blog post's analytics

Looking to keep track of each of my blog post's analytics. Currently struggling how to do this through SEMrush, AHrefs and Google analytics.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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seomarketingph 11 months ago

what do you want to track? Organic Search, Backlinks or Sessions?

devlindigital 11 months ago

From an SEO standpoint, you may want to get Search Console running on your site so you can make sure that the page is showing up for the right kinds of keywords.

steffanlv 11 months ago

Google analytics. There are a number of plugins (wordpress, joomla, etc) that either tie into GA directly or provide analytics not based on Google's analytics. You can also use other analytics like Adobe's. We use both. If you are doing a pure SEO site or micro-site (especially, EMDs) you might want to steer clear of using GA. Some people have reported their sites saw significant drops in rankings and traffic on pure grey/black hat sites after implementing GA. It's not always smart to let Google know what your site is doing.

Tuilere 11 months ago

I suggest learning Google Analytics. There are plenty of free courses, including Google's own. Any third party tracker will be inaccurate; GA if installed correctly will be accurate.

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