Best option for making about $50 to $60 a day?

The suggestions I see most often are VIPKids (Tutoring in general is not an option for me for various reasons), Lionbridge/Leapforce/Appen (I keep failing the dang LB test), and occasionally Crowd Content (I'm a writer on there but very rarely see more than articles that pay $3 or $4 here and there. Occasionally something that pays $10 or $20 will show up, but it's definitely not enough to make money consistently). I also used to be quite active with OneSpace and see they have some active projects judging by the forums, but I don't have access to any of them despite an extensive work history with the company. Then of course there's Clickworker that took down the UHRS assessment months ago. Seems like I hit a brick wall everywhere I look for work.

I'm in kind of a time crunch in that I have some debt I have to pay back within the next few months. Unfortunately, my lucrative online job ended, and now I'm at a loss for where to look. Seems like freelance projects with abundant workflows that last from months to years are a thing of the past. I'm trying to find in-person jobs, but that is taking forever as well. I'm thinking about trying my hand at the dreaded Textbroker I'm so desperate and frustrated. Anyone have any leads or know where I may find some?

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Blackhawks2017 2 years ago

I do not see the assessment up for me. What is the exact name of it?

iamrantipole 2 years ago

Go on Upwork and find jobs you can do. Not a fan of Upwork but it answers your question

HardCrystal 2 years ago

Start a blog and get into affiliate marketing with Amazon Affiliate. Huge problem with this idea is that you would have to generate a very high traffic, for the few purchases, and your commission from them, to trickle in. Extremely difficult to accomplish, you would probably end up wasting a lot of time, earning almost nothing.

Surtysurt 2 years ago

How long have you been doing it? How profitable is it?

[deleted] 2 years ago


TheresASilentH 2 years ago

Any idea if they will be back up in Canada?

Clickworker_Mediator 2 years ago

If you are in the US then you can take the UHRS assessments as they are back up. Hazel - clickworker Community Associate

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