Best credit card to use for buying bitcoins?

I am a young person looking to get my first credit card that I will almost solely use for purchasing bitcoins. What would make this the easiest and/or give me rewards or cashback for my purchases? I was looking at the Discover It Cashback card but I don't think Coinbase accepts Discover Cards. Thoughts?

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marklemores 2 years ago

With your first time credit card APR and 40% tax on gains I say...go for it! What could go wrong?

asg7861 2 years ago

Wouldnt that be treated as a cash advance? If so there is high apr. I wouldnt use a credit card to buy crypto currency

LucidDrDreams 2 years ago

I wouldnt ever buy on credit as your entry in to investing/trading/hodling.

rdizzler 2 years ago

Read the fine print. Most "big banks" have flagged major exchanges and place these transactions under the cash advance category. Coinbase is one of them.

diamondcuts17765 2 years ago

I dont think any card will give you cashback for crypto purchases

goon_c137 2 years ago

Don't. Just don't. If you can't afford it don't buy it. Buying crypto on credit is dumb

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