Backlinking for my affiliate website.

I created an affiliate website 2 months ago in a specific niche I want to rank for.

So far I've been focusing on writing good quality articles and now I would like to start building backlinks. I am completely new at this and have started looking in to guest posting, web 2.0s, and resource page link building. So far I've spent 2 days just trying to build backlinks for a single article which leads me to this question:

Do I have to build backlinks for every single post ? Or will building backlinks for a few posts also boost my other posts ?

Also, if you guys have any practical advise in general on backlincking for an amazon affiliate website I would be very grateful to hear it as I am lost in the sea of information that is out there.

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Dhakwanes 2 years ago

focus on your main competitors backlinks, see where they are getting their backlinks from, I use linksspy.com to do that, cheers.

Frenchyrules 2 years ago

Thank you foe the advice ! I'll look into that.

Frenchyrules 2 years ago


SEOPub 2 years ago

You do not have to build links to every post. I would focus on a few targeted posts with high potential. If you have a good site structure set up, just building links to a home page can help to rank other pages on the site. I would do some research about silos. Search for Bruce Clay. He is kind of the godfather of silos. Use a structure like that, and the majority of your site can benefit from your link building.

SEOPub 2 years ago

Wordpress can use static pages too.

numberguy999 2 years ago

What if its Wordpress

ingeborg_x 2 years ago

That depends on a lot of factors. Are you using a CMS like wordpress or is it a static page ?

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