Are there any online jobs you can do with a smartphone?

Are there any legidimate jobs you can do using only your smartphone?

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Futtbucker1113 2 years ago

Leapforce project truckee. Its super easy. Just rate ads on insta. Pay is 13.50 an hour in u.s. 1 hour a day 7 days a week. You can split it up too like 4 15 min or 6 10 min or 60 1 min if you want. I just do the hour while watching tv or a sports event so its like im not even working cause id be watching those anyway. I think its for Iphone and Android too.

Sh0rty0nFire 2 years ago

I do referral marketing. Also cashback apps and this new trivia game and very dice. Not jobs but extra income :)

Fletch-Acct 2 years ago

I was an ad rater for Appen, they required only android phones, but it's not a job I'd recommend to anyone.

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