Are there any benefits to tracking rankings of all the top 100 Google competitors for my keyword?

I'm wondering if any of you SEOs track the rankings of all your competitors for a keyword on Google to gain some competitive advantage. Or is it a waste of time and money?

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natashadogre 2 years ago

Already doing that..Using SEmRush for analysis. This is the problem i'm facing - Most of the top results are dominated by big companies (big budgets + PR + doing SEO for 3+ years), so the way they generate their backlinks is not replicable for a smaller company. But I did discover one competitor who launched last September, and has managed to come to the middle of the first page. I want to find more competitors who are increasing their ranking positions quickly like this guy. Top 100 maybe too much noise for sure.. But is there any service that will do all this analysis for you, and just notify you when websites move up from the 3rd page to the 1st page for example?

MagicLiveWebcams 2 years ago

Focus just on the backlinks from the guys that are in the top of your searches, depending on your budget ahrefs, moz or linksspy will due the jobs.

natashadogre 2 years ago

Was thinking about just tracking the change in ranking positions of the top 100.. So if a competitor suddenly moves up from 6th page to the 3rd to 2nd page, I can check what they are doing and maybe try and do the same. Helps in getting some creative ideas.. But you are probably right.. Maybe more noise than value.

Tuilere 2 years ago

The only data worth tracking is data that helps you make decisions. Top 100 would be way too many to be helpful.

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