Are Data Entry Jobs online legitimate? What exactly do you do?

Busy college student here looking to make some extra cash aside from the plasma I'm already taking. I have a lot of free time at night so I thought I would look into any jobs that you could do online. I have seen SO many jobs for data entry and it feels a bit sketchy if I'm being honest.

How do they work and what exactly do you do? Anyone out there that has done this or currently works doing it?


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Dekarde 2 years ago

I agree but in general if they are willing to transition you to work from home, getting outsourced for a cheaper worker is just down the road. It is better to not encourage that transition and if/when it happens look for other work or ways to make yourself useful to the company or other positions to 'transfer' into.

kos277 2 years ago

People usually say it's hard so I might've gotten extremely lucky, but I've been working data entry at Appen and earned 6500 $ in 5months (before tax). I applied on their website and got the job after 2-3 weeks. Been working about 2-3 daily since. They are very professional and helpful in emails. Not sketchy at all. Id recommend applying at Appen. Lionbridge is another company that seems to be legit as well. I've done a few single jobs with them and gotten paid each time (like 70$)

kikuhawki 2 years ago

I would recommend to try and find something else. Data entry is very simple and everyone can do it. Transcription is also simple but its easier to stand out from the crowd be it with high accuracy or fast workflow. Look for jobs which are entry level but you are able to be very good at if you are motivated.

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