APPEN: Social Media Evaluator HELP

Apparently, in order to start working as a Social Media Evaluator by Appen, I would have to login to my Facebook Workplace account which requires some kind of buisiness e-mail.

Can someone please explain it to me how do I get one, I honestly have no idea how it works. Obviously it has to do something with Appen since that's the company I'm working for, but I didn't see any kind of buisiness e-mail in my actual Appen account nor did they mention it earlier.

I would really appreciate the help, thanks in advance.

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suvz320 2 years ago

I see, but what if I didn't get one? I only got an email saying I should login to workplace, but there are no login details provided. Or maybe it takes a bit more time to receive it..

sybilcat 2 years ago

They send you the login for workplace in an email. it is not a business email, just one appen gave you.

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