Anything similar to Google Opinion Rewards?

been using the app for a little over a month now and have made almost $12 just by doing 15 second surveys. I really love how quick and passive it is even if it’s really slow. Are there any apps like it that I can hop on for a minute or two and make some change?

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SurveyCow 2 years ago

How about a single question each time you go to check the time on your phone? We are the first survey lockscreen reward app with more than 50k downloads on Google Play. The app: SurveyCow.

loldogex 2 years ago

Using Google Maps and completing the destinations helps a lot. E.g. Going to Costco and you might get a Costco survey a day or so after. I used it when traveling abroad in Italy and I got a lot of questions and made the most money doing surveys b/c I used Google Maps all of the time.

busdriverbuddha1 2 years ago

I've noticed it usually correlates with visiting new places or doing different things. Whenever I go to a supermarket I've not been to before or eat someplace new, I have a good chance of getting a survey. It gets weird, though. Last week I was asked to rate my university. I'm finishing my sophomore year.

chunkymonkeyman 2 years ago

I stopped getting them about a year and a half ago :(

graffiksguru 2 years ago

It's still full for US

Zephorox 2 years ago

Great app! I've made a couple hundred off of using that app. I really like it since it pays 10 cents if you aren't eligible to a survey and the payout per survey is good too.

Muunuu 2 years ago

If you dont care much for privacy, you can always try Google Screenwise Meter. If you install it onto a Desktop, Smartphone, or Tablet, you can get $3 every wednesday ($1 per type of device.). I have a spare phone with screenwise, and a spare tablet too. My desktop has screenwise running because everything I do google already knows. Here's the stuff you can buy with the earnings Link: https://www.crossmediapanel.com/

sevanelevan 2 years ago

This is probably the longest I've gone without a survey. And that's even after spending a lot of time with my GPS on (which rarely happens). Last survey was 8/28/2017. What did I do?!

arcxjo 2 years ago

Panel App takes about a week and a half to make a buck, but it's 20 seconds a day.

-myBIGD 2 years ago

The ones I get now are only $0.10, no matter how many questions.

SevenMason 2 years ago

So you loaded a survey app about places you have been (While the app was loaded) and you are pissed that you haven't gotten surveys because you haven't gone anywhere? Sounds like Google has figured out how to get useful answers, instead of rewarding morons.

TheKidd 2 years ago

Shit, thanks for reminding me! I got a new phone and never logged into the app on my new device. I've missed rewards for the past month!

strike__anywhere 2 years ago

$66.25 total earned since 5-16-2015. you do the math. i can provide pics via imgur if needed. last survey they sent me was 10-1-2017. has anyone else stopped getting them?

Goldeneye0242 2 years ago

OnePulse is good. Also CitizenMe

SatyrGod 2 years ago

I usually get questions when I go places. So if you're a homebody, you're outta luck.

ChauNOTster 2 years ago

I get a lot of surveys thrown my way from them. Best ones are 10 min or shorter, while the longer ones I just go through for a minute to see if I can get screened out and pick up 10 cents.They have some of the same types of surveys that mintvine has, but quickrhoughts gives you more value usually.

THATvieGUY 2 years ago

Could be because of my demographic. Im married with a baby on the way and get a lot of questions about that

GimmieMore 2 years ago

It has to like you. I started in March 2014 and have made about $125.

TheRealCanadaknows 2 years ago

12 bucks in a month!? Holy crap, I have made 3.75 ish over 4months

pokered 2 years ago

quickthoughts is another mobile survey app, but pays worse relative to the time spent. but filling out surveys, even short ones is not passive by any means.

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