Anyone making good money working online any tips/what do you do?

Just looking for anyone making a decent living off working online to explain what works and any tips. Thanks

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sidneyMLJ 2 years ago

Hey you should check out Mylittlejob! Ive been using it for a couple months and you get paid to work around your schedule while gaining real-world experience. I only work about 12 hours on it a week so I'm only making around $300, but I know other students who work closer to 30 hours a week and make $1200. Of course, it depends on if you're working on research, content creation, or coding.

zerounodos 2 years ago

Are you hiring? That sounds like a nice, even though hard, job.

SuperSecretSpare 2 years ago

If you are looking to do any more affiliate marketing, shoot me a PM. I am trying to branch out with marketers

jzhoodie 2 years ago

Right now I work for Kelly Services doing WAH tech support. $14 an hour and they offer OT. Also do Appen on the side.

esotericshy 2 years ago

Do you have any suggested resources for learning to do this? My mom sent me a load of mostly crap, but there are some items that look valuable and/or collectible. (I checked and found the same item or comparable items listed on eBay & other auction sites that indicate it would be well worth the effort to sell them.)

esotericshy 2 years ago

I do well. I support myself, two disabled kids & a toddler working online, Due to the nature of one childs disabilities, I cannot get childcare. I would make more in my field if I could work outside my home. Having said that, I earn a solid upper-middle class income, but have a lot of medical, legal, and debt (due to abusive marriage.) I leverage all of my skills, especially my organizational skills & my ability to work well with little supervision, I have strong writing skills, am highly analytical, and have a strong background in metrics. My default is to say, Yes I can do that! This means Ive worked all night to figure out a new platform before start of business. I have strong customer service skills. I work off hours for my clients convenience, whether they are traveling overseas & need to meet at a time thats good for them, or because its easier to meet after the kids are in bed or on weekends. I have 2 clients contracted for a total of 30 hrs each per week (so 60 hour work week) and also take smaller part time clients. Ive done everything from grading papers to working as an OBM. I make over $100K. I work for people with challenging personalities, and I smile through it. I work a lot, and some times those clients need more than the 30 hrs per week. My vacation depends on when my clients decide to go on vacation. With what I do, remembering that my job is to make my clients lives easier & make it more enjoyable for them to run their businesses is paramount. I dont need to enjoy anything except paying my bills & paying off my exs debt.

Uvas23 2 years ago

what do you do?

wizardomg 2 years ago

Unfortunately my thrift store the clothing isnt a dollar even the tees are like 3 bucks I think dress shirts are like 7

wizardomg 2 years ago

Do you mean online? Any advice on the shirt biz do you print them?

Bzttid 2 years ago

I work 20 hrs a week at 12$ an hour so it's pretty good

edenisrad 2 years ago

FBA is your best bet for legit $$$$$$

fb3playhouse 2 years ago

Ebay I made 4 grand last month selling used clothing I buy at my local thrift for a dollar

LiquidPython 2 years ago

How often do you make $200?

HystericalChaos 2 years ago

Virtual call center jobs (Amazon, Conduent, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Aspire, Sitel); Evaluating search engine results (Lionbridge, Appen, Leapforce); Writing (Upwork, clickworker, listverse, freelance writing); Virtual Assistant (look for these jobs on indeed and linkedin); Network Marketing (any number of companies and MLM); Consulting (freelance) Web Design Various freelancing (fiverr.com, freelancer.com) Microtasking (mturk.com, peopleperhour, crowdsource.com) And so, so much more. Hopefully this givesyou a good idea of what's out there and where to look. I have a Facebook page dedicated to listing all the things you can do to make money online that are scam-free, as I've hopped around doing various things to make money from home for years. Let me know if you guys would like a link to my Facebook page.

GrandRub 2 years ago

i make "good money" - not much money. but i earn 200$ with very very much effort. i sell t shirts and do cpa marketing. with some effort and the willingnes to read and test and read and test i think everybody can earn some money over the internet. some money with low effort = nice money

naj33b 2 years ago

i was going to post the same question - if people are earning online ? what exactly they are doing ?

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