Anyone know of any hiring forums for smart, qualified, digital marketers?

ding on any submission guidelines here. I've reviewed the rules and this seems like something that might benefit others in this community also.

The agency I work for has asked me to research some platforms where we could broadcast job openings, but we need something that caters to a slightly more qualified audience. We're having some luck using ZipRecruiter and Indeed, but a big % of the responses we're getting aren't ideal candidates.

Any recommendations on where else we might post would be m

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ExpertBradSEO 2 years ago

The problem is if someone is slightly more qualified, they are probobly doing well on their own. Or have no interest working in Arlington texas. Oops just saw it was remote. Arlington is still a cesspool.

ATShock 2 years ago

Maybe try some of the SEO slack groups?

slin25 2 years ago

Local search communities if you have any. Any local conferences announcing that your hiring will get a lot of good interested people.

Olympian83 2 years ago

What type of barrier to application do you have in place? We've found by adding a few additional questions into the application, for new hires or even new business leads, it drives people who are more serious.

bradatlarge 2 years ago

If its remote, you could try using BuiltIn (they are in a variety of cities) https://www.builtinchicago.org/

UselessPonderings 2 years ago

Headquartered in Arlington, TX, but it's a remote position.

cierdawg 2 years ago

Whats the location?

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