Anyone know of a tool like Moz's open site explorer but for outbound links?

Let's say I know some large, high-authority domain A that I'd really love to get links from but it's probably just not gonna happen. I want to see a profile of domain A's outbound links so I can see which sites are most frequently linked to by domain A. I can then use that information to find other, possibly smaller domains that are also relevant but might be easier to get backlinks from and would also capture some of A's downstream traffic. Anyone know of a tool that can do an outbound profile like that?

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foltse 2 years ago

I concur

karmaceutical 2 years ago

I believe that Ahrefs is the only main competitor with outlinks right now.

SEOPub 2 years ago

Xenu or Scrapebox would be the easiest options to use.

adpaskhughes 2 years ago

Yep, this will be the best way. I tend to use Screaming Frog for this, although it does get a bit unwieldy if you're crawling very large sites.

bsasson 2 years ago

Crawl site A with Xenu or some other bot.

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