Anyone have experience with Mystery Shopping?

I'm thinking to do Mystery Shopping, anyone have any advice or any tips on it? I never done anything like this so don't know what to expect, what are some websites that offer (reliably) mystery shopping, I live outside of Canada/USA/UK/Australia if it matters.

I heard of Bare International, are they reliable? Do they pay you right away?

any tips are appreciated

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teacuplittle 2 years ago

I do. They take over 2 months to pay you. Ive used market force and another the penny hoarder recommended. Just make sure to follow the directions to a t. I didnt get paid for one because I didnt order a drink.

HybridOrbital 2 years ago

ProductTube works pretty well. Payout is in Amazon. You make videos of in-store product displays and add a little commentary. Not a ton of offers, but payout is pretty good.

slugbug55 2 years ago


seriousscumbags 2 years ago

About a decade ago, I signed up to a lot of these "mystery shopping" services. They all want money, hardly any of them have any tasks to do and most of them never pay you. I also didn't care for the fact that you had to spend your own money, your own gas and get rewarded with barely above what you spent at the store. It's not worth it. Like most of the posts on here, it's not really "beer money", it's hopefully I'll find a few nickels/dimes in my couch money.

fergan59 2 years ago

It's not worth it.

AdoraSkater 2 years ago

Ive done a lot of mystery shopping. With some companies, you dont get paid right away, you get paid for the jobs you do in one month at the end of the next month. Its fun to do here and there but certainly not anything you could really make a living off of.

marvinjoa 2 years ago

I am located in Germany and work for one company. Never had trouble with the pay. Although it can take up to two months, cause the company itself will get the money from the stores you checked when the whole campaign is over.

morrisonh0tel 2 years ago

I work for a company called Ipsos. I have completed two tasks and was payed $18 total for both. The tasks I completed were in grocery stores where I just had to ask an employee a specific question, and then fill out a survey based on different questions. I was allowed to go on my own time (but given a date that I had to complete by). I have no complaints other than that the tasks are kind of far in between. It is a really easy way to make a few extra dollars though.

spaghoni 2 years ago

I worked for 3 different companies, one local and 2 I found online. All 3 companies had apps that made finding and completing jobs easy. The biggest downside is that the pay is shit. Some shops pay $2 and some $20 but at the end of the day, you really aren't compensated for your time. I did several restaurant shops were there was no pay or very little but the meal was reimbursed after the job was completed. Also, I had to order a specific menu item in some cases. I have friends who make a little more but they invested in some recording equipment like mics and minicams. Recorded shops often pay substantially more but require more time and equipment beyond a smartphone.

SteveKep 2 years ago

I tried this years ago. In my experience they will make up excuses to not pay you. Report wasn't filled out right, etc... This was in 2003 tho, so maybe it's better now?

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