Anybody have experience with Review Robin?

I did a survey where i spoke into the microphone while i told my thoughts about a website. They offered me 10 dollars via paypal, is it legit?

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Chill_Brasky 3 years ago

My experience was the same as "sheisthesIayer."

glcn 3 years ago

If you are being promised extra incentives by a survey directly I would make sure to write down any contact information and take screenshots.

roads30 3 years ago

i've had the opposite end result with any loop that lands up in a review robin survey. every time i "finish" a survey from them the survey immediate crashes (not sure if it's a glitch, or just whoever publishes through that company just enjoys free data) on me. so, whenever i see them in a GPT survey loop (ys, etc) i just immediately X out and move onto the next.

slugbug55 3 years ago

I've done a few and have usually received credit.

DomoJr 3 years ago

I did it through prize rebel, thank you!

sheisthesIayer 3 years ago

Yes, if it's going through a site like Swagbucks or Instagc you will likely get your 10$ through paypal within a week (I've done this). However, they have a site of their own and when I tried it it was a total scam that paid me in a bogus, fake Starbucks "coupon".

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