Any way to make money browsing my normal websites.

I wanted to make money browsing reddit. I need a browser or an extension for chrome that puts replaces ads with other companies ads and they pay you. I also was thinking of developing my own. I know there is "Brave" browser. It only pays website developers though. Qmee only works on google, amazon and some other websites. but, im mostly on reddit and youtube.

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RadonYT 2 years ago

Only a certain amount a day though.

ttguard 2 years ago

Microsoft Rewards pays for using their browser on desktop and the beta phone app, in addition to searching with Bing. Pays in giftcards and some, not all, have a PayPal or Amazon option. However, Edge does not have as many extension as other browsers.

AllHarlowsEve 2 years ago

AdSwapper on iOS is precisely this.

SAH2007 2 years ago

One way I'm able to earn a bit browsing my usual sites is to bookmark the Swagbucks search results for the page and then always navigate to the site through that. It's not much, but its something and its an easy way to rack up Swagbucks over time.

Enigmius1 2 years ago

Stop and think about what you're asking for. You're asking for a way to replace the ads served by the sites you visit so that instead of earning money for those sites, they earn money for you instead. Ethically, it's an awful proposition. And I really don't think you'd want to count on getting paid by a company that would let you take ad revenue from the sites you visit. You're not adding anything of value to the chain but you're wanting to take value out of it and that's not a sustainable endeavor. Try to think of ways to make money out of situations where you add value instead of ways to make money out of situations where you intercept the revenue of others who have added value.

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