Any tokens running on Rootstock yet?

Been a month now with rsk deployed. How is it going?

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yogibreakdance 2 years ago

Counterparty has many limitations like it's not cheap to send tokens as mempool grow, if it can't work with LN I don't see much future. Rsk on the other hand, together with Lumino could unlock the potential. Although RSK team seem quiet and not really open it to the public. I expected to see tutorials and whatnot. It's as if they launched it but still in testing phase

FalafelYahooAnswers 2 years ago

Not yet, however Tokens have been running on counterparty.io metalayer, on the bitcoin blockchain for 4 years. (It's surpassed it's millionth transaction) and could be ported to a side chain However in reality it doesn't see much use, bitcoiners in general don't seem to see the use of tokenization, and all the attention there has gone to eth where many people create ERC tokens instead- even if they don't need a smart contract. Not sure RSK will be any different

chocolatesouffle3 2 years ago

Not sure if this is old: We are currently working on our Production-ready network, codenamed Bamboo. Our fully-featured open source TestNet, codenamed Ginger, is active. https://faq.rsk.co/en/main/ https://media.rsk.co/ https://www.rsk.co/#resources

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