Any one use Mangools SERP Checker?

Would you recommend it? I just tried the KW research tool and i actually liked better than MOZ and AHref one. Have my doubts about the checker tho

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MrDalekVzla 2 years ago

ahref is insanely good, but right now i'm starting small so i want to try something more accessible for me at the moment

patadeperro 2 years ago

I currently use ahrefs, why would you all like about these tools? what are the main benefits?

MrDalekVzla 2 years ago

hasn't hurt your backlink strat?

Arjen231 2 years ago

Their design is top notch. Functionality is good as well.

mattbpkt 2 years ago

I was paying for Ahrefs and PRT for backlink and SERP checker. Now I get all in one with Mangools for about 1/4 the price. Much simpler too. No good for serious SEO but fine for average Joes.

MrDalekVzla 2 years ago

I'm currently using ahref, seems like it beats by FAR the backlink checker of mangoo, but i don't know if there's an alternative for that

mattvd1 2 years ago

I use all of their products and theyre great. Cheap and really user friendly

regenerader 2 years ago

Its cool but its not as good as some tools out there such as ahrefs kw finder

dlassmam 2 years ago

Yes, its great. We use their entire suite of products.

thestepafter 2 years ago

I just signed up a week or so ago, loving it so far. Especially how it is cheaper than some of the other solutions out there.

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