Any good course to learn MQL5?

I have intermediate kniwledge on MQL4 programming and developing systems but I'm looking to learn MQL5 due to tick data info without having to have any 3rd party software as TDS. I have made some research but I couldn't find any good course either free or paid.

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FernandoBorea 1 year ago

Thanks! I've been searching there too, if you find any good thread about this please let me know!

FernandoBorea 1 year ago

As far as I know both ones are based on C/C++ but the main difference between MQL5 and MQL4 language is that MQL5 apparently has more functions (related also with the MT5 functions has that MT4 doesn't) and it's more complex to write. It's supposed that MT5 in terms of EA testing, tick data and back testing analysis as well as new time frames and other stuff is faster than MT4 making optimization process pretty easy compared with MT4 (for example, MT5 does store real tick data, and MT4 just takes M1 OHLC data and compute "synthetic" tick data for higher time frames). I want to learn MQL5 mainly, at least in the short term, to transcript some modified versions of XMT Scalper that I made recently and test it out to see what happens

alextrader79 1 year ago

I recommend you visiting MQL5 forum. people share their knowledge and can help you there

bertbuffet 1 year ago

Can you explain us what is the purpose of MQL4 or MQL5? It's easy to google it, but it's even better to hear about this kind of subject from a person who practice it.

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