Any flexible jobs as a math tutor or even grading math papers?

I'm an engineer full time and looking to make some side money so I can pay off my student debt faster.

I have availability in the evenings and was hoping I could do some online math tutoring or even grading math papers online. Any options out there that I haven't discovered? Thanks.

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iammaxhailme 2 years ago

I was with tutor.com for about a year and a half (calc, algebra, chemistry, physics). The pay was pretty awful for those subjects, but it was at least very convenient. At least it was until they laid me off due to lack of demand for me, for basically no reason with no warning.

Raion05 2 years ago

Thanks a bunch! Ill check into it. I love algebra and calculus 1 the most so would be right up my alley. Yes, Im in the US. Have a Bachelors... shouldve put it in main post.

PsychadelicSpaceCat 2 years ago

If you live in the U.S. check out Varsity Tutors! They do video interviews and the whole process from applying to being matched with students took me about 7 days. Algebra and calc are especially needed so I'm sure you'd be in high demand as an engineer. Pretty good online tools for math tutors, too. Online tutoring pays 15/hr, in person is 20+. I'm not sure how your evening availability would work, but lots of students want weekends as well.

jermmdev 2 years ago

Try out your local colleges / unis and high schools. Ask permission to post fliers, and post them. Just "Math Tutor", credentials, a rate, and one of those little cutout thingies at the bottom with lots of copies of your contact info. Worked for me

QuantumR4ge 2 years ago

I would like to know the answer to this as well, issue is i am in the UK and almost everywhere wants American citizens

TwinB-theniceone 2 years ago

I used to tutor online with Tutor.com. I don't know how popular it is anymore, it's been a while. I also used to write textbook solutions on Chegg. Upper level math and engineering type subjects were always in high demand for both. They're nice cuz they're flexible, work-from-home jobs.

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