Any experience with instagram growers?

I’m specifically interested in “Authentically” for gaining followers. I am starting a handcrafted jewelry business and expect most sales to come from Etsy, Instagram, and shows over the next couple months. They have an option for $35 per month that I’m thinking about trying, but I feel like all these companies are a hoax.

Most handmade jewelry sellers I want to emulate do most of their marketing through Instagram and redirect sales through their online store. They have thousands of followers and I need to figure out a way to get to that point where I’m actually making profit.

Thanks for any info anyone has!!

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abbyhill3999 1 year ago

you should rather talk than promote your business on Instagram. People dont like think like promotion.

Snizzbiz 1 year ago

So the difference in how the company markets itself. If the focus of all their marketing material is followers they most likely have a network of bots or accounts. Now if they focus on engagement and targeting engagement they are less likely to be bots. For anything fashion related I'd suggest just consistent, quality and we'll composed images combined with one paid feature post every few months . Contact a high volume page and pay for a one off feature. Ask the account owner questions about their audience and if they generally match your market, pay them and watch the results. These followers and engagements will come in waves but you'll eventually gain a natural following for your own content this way. This, I've found, is one of the most solid strategies to avoid purely paying for bots.

Code3LI 1 year ago

I use organic methods, but have very little followers. However, it is obnoxious when I get the ones that are bots or use some sort of programs to auto follow and comment on me and others automatically. I guess they think (and many may actually do) reciprocate the follow.

MaryTylerWhore 1 year ago

Thats what Im wondering... Im not sure if all these gain follower companies are created equal or not. What you just described is definitely not what Im looking for.

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