An Online job needed urgently

Hello I need an online job where I can get at $150 a week, I need to save to pay for my apartment. I am into sports and entertainment blogging with 24 hours Internet connection . I'm have an associate degree in Mechanical Engineering and currently After my BSE in systems Engineering(UNILAG) , I can also tutor anyone Calculus 1 and Algebra 1 or any Maths related subject

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no1likesammy 2 years ago

Thanks a lot I really appreciate your efforts to help me

no1likesammy 2 years ago

Thanks I will do just that I can teach Algebra 1 and Calculus 1 very well and a little bit of statistics.. I will click on the referral link right away and I will PM you for further questions

jatln 2 years ago

I highly recommend Varsity Tutors if you are able to teach any subject at any level from elementary school to college, including nonacademic subjects such as guitar and music. Getting hired is super easy: you just have to record yourself answering simple interview questions (you get 2 attempts per question), so there's no pressure from a traditional interview. Also, you don't need a degree to work for them. For reference I'm currently a freshman in college. The wage is $15.00/hr for online tutoring, and $18.00/hr for in-person tutoring. Hours are very flexible, and you have the potential to make your own schedule, depending on the opportunities available. I usually get paid around $120 per week for about 7 hours of tutoring, but there is potential to earn much more depending on your schedule. Tutors get paid via direct deposit twice a week. Just comment or PM me if you have any questions! If you use this referral link, we both earn $40 if you get hired, and another $40 if you are able to tutor ACT, Algebra 1, Calculus 1, SAT, or Statistics (potential $80 bonus). Referral: https://www.varsitytutors.com/tutoring-jobs?r=2A2umJ NonReferral: www.varsitytutors.com

artstar19 2 years ago

What are your skills/talents? You have to be specific. Im always looking for jobs online. If you have nothing that you can sell, the best thing to do would be to write for content mills such as Textbroker or nDash, but that could take a week or two to get started unless you have an account with some content mill already. You also must be an above-mediocre writer. Mechanical Turk could be another option, but the wait time after applying is varied and they may reject you. Check out Blackhatworlds Making Money section. Its mainly a forum dealing with SEO, but they sometimes have lots of useful info on all types of ethical and unethical online hustles in the linked section. Warning: an elitist mindset permeates the threads. Some of the users are assholes. Dont ask simple questions if you make an account there. Look at sites such as Indeed, Craigslist, etc.

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