ahrefs has a new Rank Tracker

You can find their post here https://ahrefs.com/blog/new-rank-tracker-release/

I have just started using it. One feature I wish they had was the ability to add the selected keywords from the (Organic keywords report ) >> Tracked Keyword.

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nzerinto 2 years ago

I'm a long time AWR subscriber - started with their desktop offering (since 2012 or 2013 I think) If Ahrefs does get to the point where they are a true competitor to AWR, I'll switch at the drop of a hat. The only issue for me is the loss of historical data - would be great if they somehow offered the option of importing or populating this data...

WelcomeToCityLinks 2 years ago

Any plans to track positions in good old Bing as well? I know it gets slated a lot (rightly, because it's shite) but our target audience (over 55s) use it a lot and we get around 20% of our traffic from there. No one ever wants to make Bing software though :(

QwertyPrincess 2 years ago

I really like the landing page section + I'm on the lowest subscription tier and Rank Tracker shows me 20-100 positions which is nice :)

AliceWoakes 2 years ago

Rank tracking is just a lot less useful than it once was

123reshma 2 years ago

hmm will read...

PPCInformer 2 years ago


timsoulo 2 years ago

One feature I wish they had was the ability to add the selected keywords from the (Organic keywords report ) >> Tracked Keyword We're on it ;)

PPCInformer 2 years ago

What are the tools you have in mind?

daymoms 2 years ago

Great new tool from ahrefs

Highest_Koality 2 years ago

What are some good alternatives you'd recommend?

yy633013 2 years ago

My only complaint is that it only provides Google rankings and has a limit of tracked GEOs. Ahrefs as a backlink and content explorer is by far the best on the market. Moz doesn't hold a candle to it. Majestic's index is good but the UI is from 1999 (even after the latest update). If Ahrefs can provide similar rank tracking functionality as AWRCloud in terms of GEOs and Search Engines, I'd gladly scrap my subscription and go all in. Also, if they can make GEOs more cost-effective, it would make them much more competitive.

weileenng 2 years ago

I'm using it right now. Biggest difference for me is the ability to select a date range and view the metrics over that time. That's a huge improvement for me. To the comment above, ahrefs costs more but their index is one of the most complete that you can get. Have used Moz but prefer ahrefs now.

zagek 2 years ago

I don't think it's that good. There are cheaper alternatives that offer more.

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