Ahrefs' Domain Rating reset is coming next week. How will you explain DR 0 top ranking websites?

I don't report DR or UR to clients but I often used these metrics for competitor analysis. If they reset DR but rankings remain the same, it will be difficult to explain to clients the importance of good links when a DR zero website outranks them in the TOP 10. It's one thing that Ahrefs resets the DR for dodgy sites but Google doesn't care about this update at all, so I'm sure there will be quite a lot of DR zero websites ranking for competitive search terms.

What do you think?

source: https://ahrefs.com/blog/domain-rating/

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Technolog1c 2 years ago

Good answer

ashley89lloyd 2 years ago

Domain Rank is a fictitious metric used strictly by AHREFs and because of this, I think it's pretty easy to explain to a client. They're tweaking their own formulas to provide a better service in the long run and to address current inaccuracies. I personally use it to get a rough value of a link from a source as well as competitor analysis but it's not something I use as a KPI or stress over, the same for Domain Authority with Moz however I find this a better representation of a websites value. These fictitious metrics are like the SEO's cryptocurrency and DR is about to take a hit. I prefer to invest in real data such as traffic, conversions and growth which is always the ultimate aim.

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