Agoraphobic military wife next to no options for work

I went to college for graphic design and sadly my college did not help us make our portfolios I worked internships hoping to build my portfolio but sadly that is when I started developing my agoraphobia. I am on medical weed and have some what of a balance in my life I started freelancing doing art but the work was too unstable. My husband is in the military so finding work can be even more difficult I have yet to find any remote opportunities in the past three years now. I have a very active mind and would like work even if its only 10 hours a week.

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NiceShinyEspurrs 2 years ago

To be honest I have very little interest in working in any design field now after freelancing. I made decent money as a pet portrait artist around $400 a week but I want to just enjoy my life I still appreciate art and design but after freelancing and watching my mentor die of cancer broke with just stress to show, I am okay for myself doing data entry and doing the things I love outside of work. I am more limited compared to most people because of my disabilities limiting what jobs I can do so I rather find a job that does not affect my health than say I did something I enjoy as my career. Plus when she died I lost my ability to draw.

Amairch 2 years ago

Sites like Fiverr and Freelancer might be a place to start. The money won't be great but honestly it's imperative that you build a portfolio if you want people to hire you as a designer so any paying client is a plus right now.

NiceShinyEspurrs 2 years ago

I have a hearing disability so can not really do anything like that sadly. I tried working a callcenter once and I got fired once they figured out I had a hearing disability. I am fine when I can read lips no one can tell really that I have it but if I have no body lanague or lips to read it sounds like gibberish. Was born with my disability its how my brain processes sound.

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