Agencies putting Site-wide DoFollow links in a website footer?

I've noticed that a lot of SEO agencies put site-wide 'DoFollow' links back to their own website from multiple client sites. I thought this was a big no-no?

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ExpertBradSEO 2 years ago

They are looking for quick movement, not sustainable. But this is a common tactic I see from agencies. They love footer links.

jonstream 2 years ago

I know alot of people reccommend 'NoFollow' but If people can get away with the 'DoFollow' then why not.

jonstream 2 years ago

most of the links say something along the lines of "powered by __" or "designed by __" is this anchor spam?

Mike_Enders 2 years ago

i doubt they will be hit hard by it on smaller sites. Many themes (for eg Wordpress) have footer links back to the designer's site. plus footer sections tend to have navigation elements by practice. I rather doubt there is a severe issue in Google's algo. The only issue is if its a lot of pages with the same anchor text then it looks like anchor text spam.

Discombobulated_Ship 2 years ago

They shouldn't be there at all. If one client gets caught up in a mess you don't want to be easily linked to it via these footer links.

JoseBrant 2 years ago

That is a basic PBN, and even Amazon does it, see how Amazon in the footer has a bunch of links towards their own properties.

Paraiso010 2 years ago

Why is this asking for trouble?

latitudeis 2 years ago

Asking for trouble...they should be nofollow.

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