advice to grow my link building business?

i've been selling links for about 6 years on a monthly subscription basis to a network of over 200 people i grew through internet forums

i partner with high ranking sites and have a portfolio of publishers to place the links on

these placement typically boost a site's search placement quickly

THE PROBLEM IS: i haven't been getting new clients for a while and sales have died down. anyone have any advice on how i can get new buyers? i've tried cold e-mailing SEO companies and independent brokers

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rawoke777 2 years ago

True ! I always try to evaluate ad spent in terms of google adwords. Like how much traffic can i get for $ 300 :/

NomadDiver 2 years ago

I don't know anything about your business other than what I can read and here's my advice: LISTEN. Instead of trying to debate, listen to what people here (possibly yiur target market) say about your product Example: "one link for hundreds of dollars is too expensive" If OP, you truly believe that it's a good price... Then: EDUCATE. Convince your audience of exactly why is a link worth a hundred dollars a month. Good luck Wirth that one here though... Maybe on your emails? CLOSE Once you convince your audience that your product is worth much more for their business than what you charge, they will hspilly buy again and again. Edit: spelling

TACTadvertising 2 years ago

i think it's just out of your budget i have people subscribed for $1000's per month gotta find a way to partner with SEO agencies

TACTadvertising 2 years ago

not blogs these are legit sites - many linked to top universities

SEO_Shot 2 years ago

Shift your business strategy to a Content agency haha? Would be like investing for your future.

bpfergu 2 years ago

I can't speak for everybody but you sent me a pricing list of your links and your prices are extremely high. If I recall correctly, your prices ranged from 100 dollars to 300 dollars PER MONTH for a single link. That is a lot of money for most sites. And sites that have that kind of money to throw around for links will probably consider going with an actual SEO agency.

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