Advice on growing an outsourced IT business?

I own a pretty small scale outsourced IT company. Recently i am having some real trouble expanding my customer base. We mainly provide IT services for other small companies around my area. I would love some advice on how to grow a business like this. thank you for your help in advance!

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RecursiveBob 2 years ago

How often do you post on your blog? I'm planning a blog for my business, and I'm trying to figure out the line between good articles/frequent articles.

YungScoobs 2 years ago

Thank you so much! I'll take a look at that for sure

LoRdAcId 2 years ago

We do something similar but it's more niche. Here's what works for us: Boots on the ground. Walk into businesses, introduce yourself and your service (30 - 60 seconds max), exchange business cards, follow up a few days later, add to your email newsletter and ask for a meeting. This by far gets us a steady stream of predictable new accounts on a regular basis. Pick a niche and start attending their conferences and local business groups. Maybe setup a booth. After picking a niche, apply to do presentations at their conferences. May take a long time to get in but you can get a lot of eyeballs in the room. Apply to regional and local business groups/conferences. Ask your existing clients for referrals. Make sure your social media is rock solid. We do: Post to blog, post blog article to twitter, FB, LinkedIn, G+, send monthly newsletter to potentials and clients with your top 2-4 blog articles from that month. Pick up the book/audiobook Scale. Lots of great suggestions in there. I've read it twice.

126270 2 years ago

^ This. "I am having some real trouble expanding" -- Okay, what trouble are you having, what steps have you taken to try to overcome that trouble, what kind of trouble are you still having?

JDogNumeroUno 2 years ago

having some real trouble expanding my customer base. Where do you feel you are struggling? What does an ideal client/project look like for you?

YungScoobs 2 years ago

Currently our goal is to just bring in more clients. We have been doing a lot of advertising through google adsense as well as facebook, there have been very few leads generated from these as of yet though.

DRudd1 2 years ago

What are your current marketing strategies ?

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