Adding custom GIFs in Instagram stories

Hi there,

I’m trying to find out how to put my own custom GIF (one that I’ve made myself and have on my PC/phone) over a video/picture in an Instagram story. Can you even do that?


(PS= I’m not asking about the already available ones from GIPHY.)

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anawkwardsomeone 1 year ago

No my question was: how to put a gif OVER a video or picture. Not the gif by itself.

OriginAntiques 1 year ago

I did this this morning...I upload a series of pictures to giphy. The click the Instagram icon, fill out my email address and the gif is sent to my email. I then download the gif and use buffer.com to push it out to Instagram. My phone buffer app then notifies me that there is a post to push to Instagram. I select 'Add to my story' and voila it was done. In short use buffer, it worked for me!

anawkwardsomeone 1 year ago

But how are they then putting the gif (or gif converted in a video) over another video?

maximuslive 1 year ago

I have made a custom GIF and uploaded it to giphy but could not locate it through the search on Instagram. I have also tried after a week to see if maybe it would need to 'refresh' for more gifs but still nothing. Possibly sometime in the near future though? You may find this article interesting from BuzzFeed: https://www.buzzfeed.com/nicolenguyen/how-to-add-gifs-to-instagram-stories?utm_term=.ew38k8EG7O#.tjQq7q9YyE "I originally thought Instagram was finally letting people post regular GIFs to their feed, but no, it's just premade GIF...stickers..."

hatestheocean 1 year ago

I think you would need to upload to GIPHY with a unique name, and then search for that from the giphy overlay selector in the app. there might be a delay from upload to when it becomes searchable. side note: I haven't tried this.

girliegirl80 1 year ago

Theyre just using an app to convert the gif to a video file.

natfishes 1 year ago

I hope someone can answer this. I feel like people are doing it, but I can't figure it out.

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