A software company is looking for Developers and DevOps Engineers for 1-hr online interviews and product reviews ($200 reward)

A software company on respondent is paying $200 for 1-hr online interviews and product reviews. It's not easy to be eligible, so I hope you are, the company (respondent) pays right after you complete the interview.

Referral link: https://app.respondent.io/projects/view/5a74c54545f0810050d4cb5c/seeking-developers-devops-engineers-for-interviews/silviosamuge-f6b513f118b5

Non-ref link: https://app.respondent.io/respondents/projects/view/5a74c54545f0810050d4cb5c/seeking-developers-devops-engineers-for-interviews (you need to login)

You don't need to be a USA citizen to participate in this interview. If you are not a software developer, you can still make some money by sharing the link, they pay $50 for that.

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silviosam 2 years ago

Let's keep this thread updated. Share with us if you was qualified :) and if you have done the interview.

silviosam 2 years ago

I think you should try it. Knowledge matters, and I think you have it.

silviosam 2 years ago

It's a nice sub. I hope to see soon some international interviews.

play_it_safe 2 years ago

Very legit. Keep filling out all the pre-qualification surveys you think you qualify for and eventually you'll hear back for a few. Look at r/paidstudy for many Respondent studies

jkroeg1 2 years ago

Thanks! Signed up. Heres my referral link for somebody else: https://app.respondent.io/projects/view/5a74c54545f0810050d4cb5c/seeking-developers-devops-engineers-for-interviews/jordankroeger-46ecc1186072

elpeatonlf 2 years ago

I am a non-professional developer (don't have a job doing it) do I qualify?

tubularjohnny 2 years ago

Is respondent legit? This would be a well paying survey I (at long last) qualify for!

r_sarvas 2 years ago

They have other survey options for other topics. I signed up for the wine survey.

play_it_safe 2 years ago

Check out r/paidstudy for many more Respondent studies

r_sarvas 2 years ago

The signup JS code is blocked by the latest version of Chrome, and throws an error. Further edit: I fixed it. ADBlock needed to be turned off for that site.

pedroleon123 2 years ago

How much time they take to complete the screening process?

silviosam 2 years ago

Hi, I think that if you have the knowledge necessary for the interview, you can apply yourself.

tj_bhm 2 years ago

I am not a engineer (well qualified as an engineer but never worked as one) but a product manager. In a tech company. Would I qualify?

yash1994 2 years ago

Hi, sharing the link where? Can you tell me something about that, Thanks.

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