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So i have some url crawl errors (6, 500 internal) and i was wondering, will a 301 from the crawl error url to a working url fix this problem? and is this the proper way?

HOw long does it normally take for my site to take notice and me actually see the redirect when i search the old url??

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JeffreyDoe 1 year ago

Ya i did it to a similar category root. But when i go to the old url it just pops up a blank page. Maybe instead of doing it through my cpanel ill get the redirect plugin and see what happens. Thanks a bunch.

w1a1s1p 1 year ago

Run your website through services like screaming frog or website auditor, see what it punches out for you in the audit report. 301 can be done to a similar page, category root or folder root, just don't 301 everything to the home page. Server errors can be resolved with redirects but also with blocking the resources in robots.txt

JeffreyDoe 1 year ago

Just 500 internal errors, other than that GSC doesnt tell me. Yes because when i try and load the page that google says has the error, when it does load, nothing shows up. Most of the urls i can point to other pages. and i put in the 301 redirect through my cpanel. I just migrated to a diff host, today, and im trying to do all this. I just when through GSC and now im getting a 504 timeout error....

Ok4m1601 1 year ago

What are the crawl errors, there are a bunch of them. Are you sure you will never need that URL again? 301 should also only be done to very, very similar pages, else it is treated like kind of a 404. You can 410 URLs that can not bei redirected property Depends on crawlrate & depth of these pages. 2 weeks to 2 months If you are not using tricks

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