2 domains into one.

Hi there, as the title says I basically have two different domains which are two different sites for the same musician (just trying to help my Dad out with this). We want to merge the sites so it just goes to one.

Site/ domain 1 ( the one we want to get rid off) probably get more traffic although really not a great deal as it is specific to my Dad's name - will have a look at analytics when I get back.

Site/domain 2 (the one he got printed on all his business cards & has in other locations) has been picking up in traffic. It is a less specific domain but he wants to keep this as he got it printed on all his cards etc. Additionally, this site is a lot nicer to look at and has more on it.

What would be the best way or redirecting traffic from the first site to the second site without ruining his SERP ranking too much?

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Joedium 2 years ago

Thanks :) will do that

ovi012 2 years ago

use 301 redirection

Joedium 2 years ago

Thanks for your response! There's a fair bit on the domain 1 but probably not established just a few audio tracks photos and some reviews. None of which have been recently updated so I guess I'll do a 301. Thanks again!

ScotchHarbour 2 years ago

There are a few factors. Depending on how many pages domain 1 contains would determine what you'd need to do; If domain 1 is just a small brochure site (home, contact, about, etc.) you can just 301 redirect those pages to domain 2. If domain 1 has an established blog, then you'll need to combine databases and things could get more tricky from there. I recently went through the second factor with a few WordPress sites with 10 years of content and started writing a blog post about it. If you are going this route, let me know and I'll try and speed up my steps.

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