Earn money in Poland

Hi Guyz. Im currently in Poland and looking for a way to earn money by the internet. Can I get any help or suggestions? Thanks

Posted 11 March, 2018

Stuck on Page 2 trouble

my website stuck on page 2 for almost three months. Generally ranks on 11th and changes time to time between 11-15 rankings. I struggle to figure out that move up to page 1 but content updates and other on page seo techniques seem wont work. My website DA 24 and PA 36. I didnt understand that some of my competitors have a poor content, poor DA but they rank on page 1. Also I have a Majestic subscription and when I check out their metrics on Site Explorer Tool, their TF scores and links are not enough that compares to mine. Only thing is my domain created on July 2017, and younger than them. Do you think this is the reason about my case. Thank you

Posted 28 February, 2018

International apps

I am looking for an app to grind to get Google credits or the like but most do t work cause only fr north america or other countries... tried using a VPN but it doesn't quite work as I get kicked of surveys.... can someone help me?

Posted 12 November, 2018

SEO Experiment - What do you think will happen?

I bought an expiring domain from GoDaddy auctions.

600k backlinks, 3.6k referring domains, 2.3k IP's and 2.3k subnets.

Moz: DA 44 - PA 37 Majestic: Trust 20 - Citation Flow 34

The domain was previously a web hosting company hosting sites on thousands of subdomains and in the interests of Google science I decided to do a wildcard redirect of all subdomains, primary domain and pages to the top level of a fresh new domain that has no ranking at all.

My expectation is that Google will punch me in the face and become very unhappy with the new domain that I've pointed everything at.

What are you thoughts / experiences about what might happen?

Posted 22 March, 2018

Backlinks losing link juice over time?

my competitors have had an online presence for a long time. After taking inventory of a many of their backlinks it is clear that many of the websites linking to them are old (think late 90's) and many of them are not quite as old but are completely inactive. Many of these old sites have pretty good DA.

My question is, does google take into account the inactivity of these domains and decrease the authority they pass to my competitors?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Posted 19 November, 2018

Building a team without funding?

What are some ways to do this..</p> <p>can you promise future pay, we can&#39;t pay you yet, but we will pay you this much for amount of time you have worked as soon as we get first funding round?</p> <p>can you give shares with required buy back option at whatever value of company is in the future, when company wants to get shares back?</p> <p>can you hire an agency with equity?</p> <p>What are some ways someone got mvp built or product if they didn&#39;t have funding, own cash, or programming skills (or enough) to get their product built. Given there mvp does require skills and can&#39;t be just a video or landing page. </p> <p>Would love to hear about actual products, or your own experiences.

Posted 7 March, 2018

Prolific blog post on changes to their referral program

Facebook page

"We’re excited to announce some coming changes to our referral scheme, which should allow us to reward you better for the great work you do in helping us spread the word about a better way to run research online. Thanks to everyone who has told a colleague or friend about Prolific in the past!

We have many exciting plans for this year to help make it easier to take part in world-class research, and to recruit participants to take part in your research."


Posted 12 November, 2018

How would you use $100k on the company?

I asked this in r/marketing but I'm not getting a lot of answers so I figured I'd ask it here as well.

I recently applied at a marketing agency and they contacted me to let me know they received my resume and asked me "If I were to give you $100k to increase revenue for www.cardiffskates.com, how would you do it?"

I told them I would use 20% of it at first for Facebook ads, 15% on YouTube ads, and 15% on sponsored posts on influencers social media. And then use the rest of the 50% to optimize the top one or two channels based on performance, (this delegation might change based on estimated CPCs and costs of sponsored posts though).

I wanted to get everyone else's input. How would YOU use it and why?

Posted 12 November, 2018