How do you charge your clients for SEO?

Hello. I&#39;m having my first client here and we are discussing about how should he pay me. He wants to go hourly, but I&#39;m thinking about fixed rate per month. </p> <p>What do you guys do?

Posted 28 February, 2018

Is there any point using a tool like SEMRush if you can just use Search Console for ranking data?

Just curious. What is the point of purchasing a tool like SEMRush or Ahrefs and using it when you get all the information such as ranking data, impressions, clicks etc. on Google Search Console?

Posted 19 November, 2018

Get consigned designer clothes for as low as $.70 with $25 sign up credit at The RealReal


The RealReal is an online consignment market place for high end designer clothes. It carries designer labels such as Rag & Bone, Acne, Prada clothing, shoes, and accessories for men and women.

Thy usually don't have many items below $0, but they are having major Black Friday sales right now and some things are as low as $13.70 ply shipping(the credit counts towards shipping as well). They have a give $25 credit and get a $25 credit referral program.

Go to the all clothing items section and sort by low to high to see their cheapest items.

My ref link

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Posted 21 March, 2018

Trying to get this site to number one, figure posting it here would help!


Posted 28 March, 2018

SEO for a blog - what is best?

I want to start a simple blog, although I'm ambitious and want it to succeed. I tried to work with Wordpress but had a hard time, and was thinking about switching to Squarespace. Is it a bad move SEO wise? I just really like their templates and it's very easy to manage the content.

Posted 3 November, 2018

Is Remotasks good?

Someone made some publicity about remotasks last week or something. Apparently it will pay up to 5$/h and it's worldwide.

Could you guys share your experiences with this website? (especially if you're frm the EU)

Posted 18 April, 2018

Setting up online shopping (help!)

d business that my Dad started in the early 90s selling industry related products and also product repairs. He has been fairly successful with little advertising and no online ordering whatsoever.

Our current website was designed by our front office assistant who “dabbles” in programming but it painfully shows. To be blunt it looks like dog sh*t. Super nice guy, but the website is embarrassing.

My father isn’t convinced that updating the website and adding online ordering will add any additional revenue, and it will only cost money. I have only managed to convince him to add a text box for customers to tell us “what would you like to order”

Are there any services where I can look to that won’t charge crazy amounts for either/both website services with online ordering? I’m going insane.

Thank you all!

Posted 17 November, 2018

Is social media dying overall?

So I've been noticing lately that less and less people are active on social media; facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc. It's weird how much time people spend on their phones but don't actually engage in anything on these platforms, so it makes it very difficult for people like me to use them as a market for their business. Does anybody know why this might be happening? And where people like me could go to market the products?

Posted 12 November, 2018