Is it legal to copy and modify another sites partner agreement and terms of service for my use?

I&#39;m in the process of drafting terms for a partnership agreement. This will all be shared with a lawyer in the near future to make sure that everything is legit and passes inspection, but I&#39;m finding the generic templates available online too general to be of use to me. </p> <p>I have found some partnership agreements from other similar companies in other industries that can be adapted to my use case. </p> <p>How much do I need to modify the agreement in order to be safe, and is plagiarism in this case something I should even be concerned with?</p> <p>thanks, RR

Posted 7 March, 2018

How much money should you spend testing out keywords?

Hello -

How much should you spend trying to see if a new keyword will convert well and how long should that testing period?

I’m sometime new to PPC and am managing a small/medium account. Currently looking at their historical data

10% of my companies budget (2016-2017) is from bidding on high CPA keywords that didn’t convert well.

Some of these keywords only $200 was spent (probably testing) while some where over $10,000 spent (probably lack of oversight)

TLDR - how much do you spend on new keyword testing and for how long

Posted 28 March, 2018

How to monitor SEO competitors?

Now I'm using ahrefs to monitor SEO progress.

The main report that I use is: - report from ahrefs that shows me how my site ranks (keyword -> position -> URL).

Which tool could I use to monitor ranking for EACH of my blog posts (URLs), compare it with competitors and make decision what to change (number of links, keywords distribution inside text, etc..).

Posted 19 November, 2018

Does manual outreach for links work?

I see many SEO gurus like Neil Patel and Brain Dean say they work. But what if I have a new site. Even if I create great content on a daily or weekly basis, I am pretty sure no one will trust a new domain. What do you guys think?

Posted 17 November, 2018

How can I get my post from 3rd page of SERP to the first page?

Posted 27 March, 2018

What broke up in the upper atmosphere tonight?

Driving home a bit past 1900, I saw something large traveling southwest break up in the upper atmosphere. There must have been twenty pieces all trailing flames.

My first thought was the Chinese space station that is due to re-enter soon.

Post if you know.

Posted 20 November, 2018

where to stay?

I may have a job opportunity in West Malling (Kent). I'm thinking about staying in an AirBnB outside central London and commuting into Kent. This would give me more to see/do in the evenings rather than staying in Kent.

Can anyone provide some ideas on places to stay in between Central London and West Malling?

I will be using public transport and would like to keep my morning commute below 1 hour (if this is even possible).

Travel into central London within half hour would be good.

any ideas welcome !


Posted 3 November, 2018

Dyna trade service review?

Hey guys, so I have been getting calls from Dyna trade for the past couple of days and they are offering some coupons for car service for aed 250, I want to find out if anyone here has given their car to dyna trade and is their service any good or is it just a scam for selling these coupons?

Posted 3 November, 2018