Links with images/infographics - cloudflare/cdn

I'm noticing that ahref's reporting some 404 backlinks which are sites using our images but also noticed embedded infographics we shared are also now broken from the CDN and/or Cloudflare setting.

are these image links still worth it or is it better to avoid other sites from leaching bandwidth? thanks

Posted 21 March, 2018

NoIndex Applications?

rying to find this answer and have had no luck. Best SEO practices for application or fill in form like you would for a pass port is to noindex/nofollow these subdomains?

i.e. application.domain.com

Thanks for any help. I feel like that's the correct option, but would like clarification or a sense of ease.

Posted 22 March, 2018

Why wont my backlinks appear on semrush or moz ?

I have been getting alot of buyers posting reviews and blogs and backlinking and anchoring our website to their blog. However only 1/20 blogs have appeared to show on SEMRUSH. My competitor however has 100s of backlinks which are jokes blackhead seo where they have just posted on reddit , different forums and created their own blogs with low DA and PA however they get registered on semrush but our links with higher DA and PA dont.

Please advice me on what to do. or point me to the write direction

Posted 28 March, 2018

Jobs from all the most popular remote & online job boards in one place

I created a job aggregator website <a href="https://ditchtheoffice.co">https://ditchtheoffice.co</a> which automatically lists all of the remote &amp; online jobs from all of the most popular job boards.</p> <p>At the moment it lists all jobs that are listed as 100% remote from these job boards:</p> <p>Part/full time boards:</p> <p>FlexJobs Simply Hired Jobspresso Stackoverflow Virtual Vocations We Work Remotely Working Nomads Remote.co</p> <p>Also, we have an option to search freelance jobs on these sites (haven’t got Upwork yet, waiting for API access):</p> <p>Freelancer Guru People Per Hour</p> <p>I’m looking to keep adding more job sites as soon as possible, if you have any favourite sites that you want listed let me know and I’ll see if I can get them added!

Posted 5 March, 2018

Has anyone been able to cash out on the Scour app?

I've been trying to cash out for the past couple of days but every time I try, it says that my account is not confirmed. Since I signed up with FB, it's not like I can get a confirmation email. I'm starting to wonder if this is intentional/ a scam, or if I'm just missing something on my end. Has anyone here been able to cash out, and if so, did you sign up with FB or Google Plus?

Posted 28 March, 2018

How can I work online at home outside of the US ?

Are there websites that accept people globally

Posted 28 February, 2018

What are the best sites to make $3000-$10000 per month?

Does anyone know the answear to this question? Hard work is not problem for me. I can do all kind of online jobs. Any suggestions?

Posted 15 November, 2018

How can I Improve my sites loading speed?

How can I Improve my sites loading speed?

Posted 19 November, 2018