Something to make an extra 100 a week?

I use mturk mainly and I was using UHRS. However alot of hitapps have become broken and unstable with not much work left as there used to be. I use profolic as well. I'm just looking for another credible site that I could make extra money off of. I don't hold a bachelors or anything special so I can't teach. I'd be okay with doing some writing or another crowdsourcing task site. I have applied to Appen and leapforce but there are no projects available to me on there.

Posted 11 March, 2018

Building a Website without coding a Website

Hey guy (and gals),</p> <p>I wanted to hear your input on an idea I’ve been playing around for a while and on the feasibility of making said idea come to life. So I want to build a website that initially serves as a marketing platform for small businesses. From a technical perspective, the website wouldn´t be much more than a bunch of flat pages with a working database on the back that allows for search queries AND maybe analytics for each of the web pages. For its MVP, it shouldn´t need to be too complex.</p> <p>That said, if the idea takes off I would want to eventually rebuild the website to include a log-in for the businesses and a system to automatically populate the website with a business´ info through a fillable form available only by the people that log-in. I would also love to automate the whole payment into a subscription model, as to minimize the need for personnel and keep fixed costs low. On a third phase id love to create an app of the website </p> <p>So my question to you guys is the following: considering my MVP is fairly simple from a technical perspective, and considering I have essentially no knowledge of hosting/backend languages/javascript, would you recommend I use one of those website building services available online? If so, which service do you recommend? I read some of the threads where these services were being discussed and while you guys teared them all to shreds it seemed the main criticism was they only allowed for making very simple websites, however I understand the website I&#39;m trying to make isn&#39;t too complex so maybe I could use one of these services? </p> <p>Thank you very much for the input

Posted 9 March, 2018

Your SEO approach

Hi again,</p> <p>I just wanted to poll the community on your SEO approach. After doing some keyword research, how many keywords do you focus on at any one time? Do you stick to it for a few months? Example 4-5 top priority keywords focus SEO for 2 months, then expand to more keywords, 4-5 for another 2 months etc etc.

Posted 9 March, 2018

What do Google Robots crawl?

Apologies if these are newbie questions, I am new to SEO: