Need recommendations for SEO company to help small local business

I have a small optometry practice in Austin TX and am looking to hire an SEO company to increase my google ranking and google maps rankings. This is not for e-commerce, but more to increase the number of online and phone appointments scheduled (i.e. people finding me). Does anyone have recommendations for SEO companies who can help me rank higher than my local competition? Or any advice on how to hire an SEO company that actually knows what they are doing, and will put in the time required to obtain results? I know there are a lot of SEO companies to choose from, so it is a bit overwhelming as a layperson. I've had poor results with another SEO company in the past, so am looking to change things up. Thanks for any insight!

Posted 3 November, 2018

RIP twitter

When do you think Twitter will end??

Posted 12 November, 2018

Paid research for those diagnosed with depression - Share your experience with depression and earn $

We are looking for people who have been diagnosed by a doctor with clinical depression, and who have struggled to find the right medication. We will be asking qualified participants to take part in an online community from February 21st to February 23rd, 2018. <em>You will be compensated $125 for your time in the form of a Visa gift card.</em></p> <p>To see if you qualify, please <a href="http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4183504/2746a57b62c4">take this survey</a></p> <p>If you are the right fit for the project, we will get in touch via email and a quick one on one phone call, so please make sure to enter your contact details carefully.</p> <p>Just a bit about me, and Echo: my name is Aggie and I am a project manager for Echo Qualitative Market Research. We&#39;re a company that helps brands understand their customers better by finding different kinds of people to talk to about different kinds of things. In this case, it&#39;s depression. If you&#39;d like to learn more our website is <a href="http://www.echoqual.com">www.echoqual.com</a>.

Posted 11 March, 2018

Looking to make extra money on the side

I currently work full time and I'm looking to earn a little extra online. Just simple work. Is there any recommendations? I know there is UserTesting but are there anymore?

Posted 28 March, 2018

Sign up and get 5 EZtokens free ($5 USD)

I&#39;ve had a quick look at the site and it seems fairly harmless. </p> <p>Signup and get 5 Eztokens which has value of $5 USD. When trading begins you may be able to exchange it for BTC or ETH and into something useful from there. </p> <p>Like a lot of crypto sites that pop up, it may eventually disappear but nothing gained or lost, right? Just make sure you use a unique email+password (ie a secondary gmail account with &quot;+&quot; in the address works)</p> <p>Site: <a href="https://ico.ezpos.io">https://ico.ezpos.io</a></p> <p>Referral: <a href="https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=re5fm7n4137Dfpenrtdf">https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=re5fm7n4137Dfpenrtdf</a>

Posted 7 March, 2018

Small Business owner

3 small cellphone repair kiosks and I’m having trouble coming up on google at all. I do currently have all 3 stores verified the oldest one being 10month and the others 4 months and a few days. No matter what I do if I type phone repair near me nothing comes up.

I would love any advice possible as of right now it breaks my heart to see customers go to the big franchise in the mall and pay $50 more than what we charge only to find out after that they got ripp

Posted 19 November, 2018

Do backlinks influence paid SEM traffic?

Obviously I know backlinks are integral to organic search engine traffic, but I'm the newb here. Does it influence paid SEM traffic either directly OR indirectly?

Posted 17 November, 2018

What are the odds Swagbucks reactivates my account

I incorrectly entered my age in a survey and Swagbucks deactivated my account. I sent in a support ticket to them and it says to allow 10 business days to get back to me. I've been a member for over 4 years now and am definitely over 18. What are the odds that they will reactivate my account?

Posted 18 April, 2018