Merch by Amazon

Hi all. Just a quick question: is there a consensus or personal experience here on how long the waiting list for Merch by Amazon can last? I applied roughly 4+ months ago I believe but am still 'waiting.'

Posted 3 November, 2018

What is the best cms to use for seo?

Hi there, I have searched up on this sub before on whether using wix is bad for seo and it turns and most of you are saying yes because you cant get down to the nitty gritty of stuff for seo, so i'm not going to use it, but i hear and see a lot of people using Wordpress is that the best option to go with or is there something more robust?

What do you use?

Thanks in advance :)

Posted 3 November, 2018

Social Media Marketing

I wanna get my foot in the door with social media marketing, do I need to buy a course?! I’ve tried to gather an understanding on the principles here and there from YouTube videos but it seems like I missing something. How do I learn to bring a social media page from a few followers to hundreds or thousands and then translate that into sales?!

Posted 20 November, 2018

ForumCoin.com and two other Paid-To-Post Forums

Here are 3 forums where you can earn money for posting (among other things):




All pay 1-2c per post with cashout options like PayPal available.

Out of the three, ForumCoin has been around the longest (since 2013) and I am also a moderator on there (having been on the forum since 2013).

A guide to earning on ForumCoin.com:

  • Post daily. Make high quality posts especially in the Webmaster and Business forums (make posts/topics to learn more or discuss things of interest).
  • Gain referrals (Pay: 25FC$/referral). Some boards offer coins/ points like ForumCoin which you could reward people who signup to FC as your referral. I offered a forum currency to make 1 introductory post on ForumCoin as my referral. Most of the members ended up staying and reached 25 posts!
  • Become an Article writer(Pay: 50FC$/article - 150FC for popular articles). If you have your own blog or regularly write high quality articles, consider becoming an article writer for ForumCoin. Submit your article links to reddit and other social sharing sites to boost article views and your earnings.
  • GAMES. Some Forum games have FC$ prizes!
  • Be active in ForumCoin exchanges. Complete some of the member offers in this section and consider creating your own "gig" for FC$. What can you provide? Graphics, Webhosting, Writing Services, Translation Services etc.

Ref: https://forumcoin.com/index.php?r=62 Non- Ref: https://forumcoin.com/

If you use my referral, make 1 intro post and PM me on the forum, I'll send you $10FC.

Posted 12 November, 2018

Instagram Hashtags In Body/Comments

Forgive me if someone has already come to a verdict on this - Do hashtags work in the comments still?

Over the last month, my average likes per post have dropped significantly due to the recent algorithm change. I've always thrown my 30 hashtags within the comments section of each post.

Should I be placing these within the body of the post instead? Also, is 30 not the preferred number of hashtags for maximum exposure?

It seems majority of users I come across on IG have cut down to around 20 hashtags on their posts.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Posted 28 March, 2018

what are my options for migrating services if the existing webmaster is gone?

Okay... I have a client who has asked me to take over SEO for his company. He has an existing website and domain that some independent guy registered and initially setup for him last year, but my client says this guy has not responded in 6 months and his voicemail box always goes to &quot;mailbox full&quot;... </p> <p>I feel like the options are going to be pretty limited until the domain expires, but I&#39;m open to suggestions.

Posted 28 February, 2018

Website speed

Hi, I have a site built in WordPress. Google page speed insight shows score 80/100 for desktop and 71/100 for mobile. And the pingdom speed test tool shows 1.85 second load time.

What do you think, this scores are satisfactory? thanks

Posted 28 March, 2018

What in case your site is 'banned' by the search engines for 'black hat' practices...?

What in case your site is 'banned' by the search engines for 'black hat' practices...?

Posted 21 March, 2018