Fundamentals vs Technicals

I&#39;ve noticed a lot of traders discussing technical in this sub. There was a phrase I always remembered that might help you guys. &quot;Fundamental analysis tells us what pairs to watch and in what direction. Technical analysis tells us when to open our positions.&quot;</p> <p>Inductive vs deductive reasoning.</p> <p>I see too many fall into post hoc, ergo procter hoc fallacy. The sun doesn&#39;t rise because the rooster crows. The price doesn&#39;t change because of the lines on your chart. It changes because of fundamentals. If you understand how the central bankers gauge their metrics you know how to trade.</p> <p>If oil rises then you know CPI data will also rise. Fundamentals is all about creating your economic spiderweb of cause and effect statements.</p> <p>Stop falling sucker to your indicators. You can&#39;t mathematically quantify psychological and external changes in the market.

Posted 28 February, 2018

Is social media dying overall?

So I've been noticing lately that less and less people are active on social media; facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc. It's weird how much time people spend on their phones but don't actually engage in anything on these platforms, so it makes it very difficult for people like me to use them as a market for their business. Does anybody know why this might be happening? And where people like me could go to market the products?

Posted 12 November, 2018

Teach English without a bachelor's?

Wondering if there are any online jobs that let you teach English without needing a bachelor's degree. I find this rule so silly. I have a 2 year college diploma and although I didn't major in English, I have strong English skills. Any tips?

Posted 20 November, 2018

looking to earn with Linux if possible

Trying to find legitimate ways to earn money using my Linux skills, either using vps or dedicated server(s). I already have a full time computer job which is windows/mac based, but my real interest has always been Linux and wouldn't mind earning even 100-200$/month as long as I'm doing something I like. any ideas? or companies?

Posted 28 March, 2018

How Small Businesses Use Social Media in 2018

Hi, I found very interesting survey how small businesses use social media platforms to promote their business:

"Over 70% of small businesses use social media, according to a survey of more than 350 small business owners. The survey analyzes how small businesses use social media, including the platforms they use, the frequency they post, and the types of content they share. Business owners can use the data when planning their social media strategy."

More here: https://clutch.co/agencies/social-media-marketing/resources/small-business-social-media-survey-2018

Posted 12 November, 2018

character templates

After a certain point in the creation of my characters I like to have some sort of template of questions that help me know the character more deeply. Right now i’m struggling to develop my characters as deeply as i used to back when i used a template. </p> <p>Does anyone have a template/profile they prefer to use for character building?</p> <p>What are some questions you always need to have the answer to about your character?</p> <p>(note: I’m talking about more meticulous character building not the major stuff like what is their major goal and motivation etc)

Posted 7 March, 2018

Having Issues Spreading Brand in traditional online methods

I've just started a new online clothing company, but the issue is none of the main outlets, pinterest, REDDIT, facebook(sorta), our allowing the product. Why is that you ask? Because it is adult themed baby bibs, {XXXbibs} for the curious. The content on the bibs can be profane on some of the products. Though it is just text, nonetheless the content isn't allowed. How can I spread knowledge of my brand for babies, when it is rated as adult content. Should I continue to pursue these traditional outlets, and try and work within their guidelines, or pursue another route entirely.

Posted 17 November, 2018

Which SEO strategy need very less time and amazing for SERP?

Which SEO strategy need very less time and amazing for SERP?

Posted 21 March, 2018