Are there any online jobs you can do with a smartphone?

Are there any legidimate jobs you can do using only your smartphone?

Posted 20 November, 2018

i'm new,how to earn money online?

i'm designer and frontend developer,but i can make whatever and i need help about earn money by internet. i need page, links, tips, etc..... if you know you could help me, thanks

Posted 28 March, 2018

[Hiring] US English transcribers needed | Work-from-home

Hello! We are urgently looking for US English native speakers for our Audio Transcription project. You need to be familiar with US culture and accents. Flexible schedule. If you want more information please register on <a href="http://www.pacteraremote.com">www.pacteraremote.com</a> and we will contact you or write to <a href="mailto:anita.glod@pactera.com">anita.glod@pactera.com</a> - We need many collaborators for this project.

Posted 7 March, 2018

ForumCoin.com and two other Paid-To-Post Forums

Here are 3 forums where you can earn money for posting (among other things):




All pay 1-2c per post with cashout options like PayPal available.

Out of the three, ForumCoin has been around the longest (since 2013) and I am also a moderator on there (having been on the forum since 2013).

A guide to earning on ForumCoin.com:

  • Post daily. Make high quality posts especially in the Webmaster and Business forums (make posts/topics to learn more or discuss things of interest).
  • Gain referrals (Pay: 25FC$/referral). Some boards offer coins/ points like ForumCoin which you could reward people who signup to FC as your referral. I offered a forum currency to make 1 introductory post on ForumCoin as my referral. Most of the members ended up staying and reached 25 posts!
  • Become an Article writer(Pay: 50FC$/article - 150FC for popular articles). If you have your own blog or regularly write high quality articles, consider becoming an article writer for ForumCoin. Submit your article links to reddit and other social sharing sites to boost article views and your earnings.
  • GAMES. Some Forum games have FC$ prizes!
  • Be active in ForumCoin exchanges. Complete some of the member offers in this section and consider creating your own "gig" for FC$. What can you provide? Graphics, Webhosting, Writing Services, Translation Services etc.

Ref: https://forumcoin.com/index.php?r=62 Non- Ref: https://forumcoin.com/

If you use my referral, make 1 intro post and PM me on the forum, I'll send you $10FC.

Posted 12 November, 2018

Real Life Example of a Good Implementation of Local SEO

I'm having problems finding examples of companies who have good local SEO. Specifically for a small retail business with 3-4 branches. How should the first page look like?

How should the results page look like for different search terms such as:

  • store name
  • store name location


Posted 17 November, 2018

Earn $5 a day

I need to earn $5 a day online. I have basic graphic design skills and I tried to work at Upwork but couldn't attract works.

are there other way I could earn? I don't have excellent writing or speaking skills. Just some work I could do using a computer and Internet.

I also don't live in Us or Europe.

Posted 3 November, 2018

Describe what would be your approach in case your SEO process do not work?

Describe what would be your approach in case your SEO process do not work?

Posted 21 March, 2018

Anyone got an e-mail address for clickworker?

Hi, my clickworker account just got suspended, told me to e-mail them but the help@clickworker.com address isn't working for me, anyone know of any other addresses for them?

Posted 21 March, 2018